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Good Afternoon, Mohawk Men!

Here at the Verbinator Baits World Headquarters - located in Streetsboro, Ohio   - we are proud to be offiering ONE DAY classes in bait pouring.

This is a one-on-one class where you, the angler, can tour the factory floor,   learn the techniques and customize your favorite baits to your tastes! That's correct - YOU will part of the team for that day.

At the manufacturing plant, we currently have over 200 molds and 21 different types of baits that Verbinator offers. Some molds are not listed on the web site because of the pros picks - NO video or picture taking is allowed   of these baits!)

Here at Verbinator Baits, we use two types of plastic; a soft formula and a medium formula. We also offer a mixed blend of soft to medium formula. There are over 300 different color combinations to choose from.

In the packages below, a 'pot' is a standard color that is offered on the web site. They can vary in color based on your tastes (for instance, green pumpkin can start out light colored and end up dark).

Visit our website now at: http://www.verbinatorbaits.com

  Verbinator Baits Custom Package Deals:

Pkg.A) One (1) pot (one color) and two different flakes of color and   scent. Total baits produced will be approximately 100 to 180, based on molds,   salt/no salt, ect. Cost is $90.00

Pkg.B) One half (1/2) pot (one color) and two flakes and scent, PLUS   2 single runs of any crazy color youu can think of! Each single run should produce   about 30 baits. Cost is $105.00

Pkg.C) One half (1/2) pot (one color) and two flakes and scent, PLUS 3 single runs. Cost is $115.00

Pkg.D) Dreamers Pack! One (1) pot starts as a clear product....you add the color of your dreams and flakes and scent. If you can dream the color,   we can make the color. Cost is $110.00

Pkg.E) Kustom Laminates/ Hand Pouring/ Injection class. This package is a VERY intense process that takes time, patience, and will produce less baits - but they will be the most satisfying when you are done. Cost is $150.00

* Details for "Package E" need to be worked out with Verbinator's management team for scheduling before you purchase.

All classes will be held on Saturday and Sunday. Class times start at 8:30am and normally run about 4 hours based on your package selection. ALL scheduling is done via email. Feel free to contact me anytime you have questions.

Open dates in March are 10th and 23rd. NOTE: some Fridays are available - classes start at 4:00pm. Please contact the scheduling department for available dates.

Once again, THANKS for your business! We'll see you on the water!

Christopher J. Verbosky
CEO/CFI/COF/CFO and El Presidente of Verbinator Baits, LLC


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